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Akshay Churi

Sinanju happens to be my favorite non Gundam mobile suit in the entire franchise. I decided to cosplay as Sinanju primarily because the mobile suit has an appealing design and personality and the pilot in its cockpit never fails to impress. 15 days of planning and tinkering and around 35 days of actual building time was needed to finish this costume.

The mobile suit Sinanju goes through many upgrades throughout the series and I’m going to do the same for my cosplay. I want to do justice to this costume by making it as perfect and accurate as possible with various weaponry and gimmicks. I definitely want to seize this opportunity to stand with the best of cosplayers on an international stage. All of the above account for why I deserve to win.

If I win this championship, what I will cosplay as in Chicago is a SECRET! The cosplay that I have planned will be a new challenge for me. It's a combination of all means and methods available to compose a costume, like armor, makeup, stitching, resin casting, wig styling, lights, smoke, mechanical gimmicks and a lot more.

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